The Making Of Chris Gilmour

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The Making Of Chris Gilmour

Published 18/06/2018

2007. At 27, Chris Hinds was the youngest RE/MAX principal in Australia and his star was rising in Brisbane inner-city real estate. If you'dlike to check out the work we did for him In 2011, Chris up and left the industry and this was our parting shot

Enter Chris Gilmour. "Make me a star like Chris Hinds." was his brief. When we met, he was fresh off selling lawn mowers, and had Michael as a Partner. Over the next few years, we went to work making him a star, going to great lengths to add wild and whacky elements to his Propvids and covering his appearances at conferences. Years later, the All Properties Group is a powerhouse Agent and Chris is a 'celebrity' on the property speaking circuit.